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The Rebel Diabetic: Finally Achieving REAL Glucose Control

1 Jun

How I finally got my blood sugar in target range, by ignoring my endocrinologist and being my own advocate.

Sign & Share to Cure Diabetes NOW!

2 Apr

It’s simple, really. JDRF is the world’s preeminent type 1 diabetes fundraising organization. Dr. Denise Faustman at the Faustman Lab is on track to cure type 1 diabetes once and for all. So why doesn’t JDRF give Dr Faustman some cash?

That’s a loaded question, but here’s the point: you can sign my Change.org petition right now, and share it with friends, to DEMAND that JDRF send the Faustman Lab $1Million by the end of the year.

Yep, they’ve got that kind of cash. In fact, JDRF often throws it in all kinds of puzzling directions – like when they donated a cool $20Million to Johnson & Johnson… Yeah, I’m sure they really needed that.

I’m tired of having type 1 diabetes. I’m also tired of JDRF giving us hard-working fundraisers the run-around on why they don’t support Dr F’s research. It comes down to politics, and that’s pretty damn irrelevant to MY pancreas.

Please sign and share with everyone and their mother! Thanks!

PS Please wish the amazing Will Cross a happy birthday tomorrow! He was the first type 1 diabetic mountaineer to summit all 7 highest peaks on every continent! Love ya Will! (PSS – I totally talked to him on the phone when I was planning my own mountaineering expeditions. He’s so awesome!

Omnipodding Basics

23 Sep

The second video in my new YouTube TV series: Life with Type 1.

I go over a few basics of changing a pod and how easy it is to dose insulin with the integrated freestyle glucometer.

Tips and tricks for pump shoppers, the newly pumping, and the experienced.

Are you on the Omnipod? Have you tried other pumps as well? Are you just curious? What do you think about the ‘pod?

Down for the Count

11 Sep

Holy really low blood sugar batman! Tonight I was the lowest I’ve ever been – 27! Oh, for heavens sake, I’m not bragging. If anything I’m about to be sick. Do you remember those “your brain on drugs” commercials! Well, my head is a pan of deep fried, congealed bacon fat right now.

This was my second low of the day, perhaps even my third. I’ve become a bit used to it all. The good news is that this is an indication that I’ve been trying harder to reel in my sugar, as it usually floats around in the highs.

The other good news is my dreamy boyfriend made me the best pb & j I have ever had, and in the middle of the night.

Don’t even bother, girls. He’s as mine as the hairs on my head.

Two hours later, and I’m starting to feel a bit better. I have been experiencing acute, rapid onset nausea when low these days too. Do any of you folks have that problem?

Well, time to check the sugar again. Adios for now, ‘manitos.

The Dawn Phenomenon

12 Aug

Today, I was invited by @MomWithDiabetes to post my story on The Diabetic You. So I did. Battling highs and lows all night, 5:00 in the morning seemed a good a time as any.


As a militantly proud vegetarian of two years, I got a summer cold right before my senior year in high school. I thought it was due to malnourishment, so desperate to feel better, I gave up my cherished diet and scarfed up meat. And cheese. And everything else I could get my hands on.

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Bienvenidos to my blog, chy’all.

11 Aug

Whoa. Happy to see ya. Come one come all to hear me rant, rave, and otherwise make a fool of myself and ruin all chances for running for president. Oh, who am I kidding, I don’t have a chance. Unless you count a tiny island I plan on owning in the future as my own little country to be president of, and by tiny island I really mean a double-wide.

There’s nothing wrong with being proud trailer trash, you gosh darn prejudicin’ fool. Hater.

Here’s the inaugural post, the first video blog in a series on being a type 1 diabetic.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, aka don’t have television or a computer and otherwise live in a cavernous, damp little hole (do get out now and then, will you?), diabetes is a big problem. For me, it’s a big pain in my a$$ and, of course, fingertips.

But now there’s some big hopes and expectations and some equally large-looming questions about a possible cure from The Faustman Lab, and why some diabetes research fundraising organizations, namely the JDRF, are getting in the way.

What’s really going on here, and more importantly, what’s your take on this incredible development?

Check out my video blog, comment, and share.


-Evin Phoenix