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When I Gaze Into The Looking-Glass ©

6 Mar
When I gaze into the looking-glass,
I despise what I see.
A woman. Flawed. Insufficient. 
Pillow lips of blushing roses
A youthful face of innocence
Breasts made for sustaining life
Hips made for giving it
Even the hairs above my lip 
Seem meaningless
And yet, I must remove them.
Hair above my genitals-
Isn't it disgusting?
A healthy vagina, and yet so grotesque. 

Sent to me to process like a torrent
My already overwhelmed psyche
And for me, to somehow, change. 
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Choose Your Weapon

6 Mar

Choose Your Weapon


The Black Whip (1944) was an offshoot of the Zorro franchise. Definitely the first example that I can think of featuring a badass woman action hero. The Black Whip, Zorro’s sister, takes over for Zorro when he is injured.

I took a still and edited it as a powerful artistic statement of feminist momentum and nonviolence.

We will not be silenced. #LaLuchaSigue