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My first single! :: The Mermaid’s Fire :: Official Lyric Video

17 Sep

Please share & enjoy! From the forthcoming ‘Songs From the Promised Land’ © Evin Maria Ximena Phoenix

This is a song about coming home.


The Transformative Power of Surf

20 Dec


photo by angelica clemmer

Counting your blessings every day should definitely be a regular habit. It does so much good for our mental and emotional attitudes and perspective. However, it becomes quite second nature when there is reason to celebrate!

I am fortunate in many ways. Today, I am grateful to the folks over at The Inertia for publishing my article on the healing properties of surfing and seawater. After a lifetime of searching, I found a profound elixer in the ocean. Check it out after the jump

Forever, we have been told that fear is the enemy. Yet, above all things, I have learned something entirely different: Fear motivates us onward. It is always at our backs, and we are ever aware of its ever present threat.

I’ve been on a journey to release my burdens, and the fears that remain alongside them. I have yet to find a cure, but I may have discovered an elixir of sorts. It’s seawater.

ps folks I will be posting more pieces over at the inertia… next up: a review of ‘the fear project’ by jaimal yogis and and more!