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Theories and literature on the biopsychological dimensions of love

29 Nov

Theories and literature on the biopsychological dimensions of love: A broad exploration of evolutionary-developmental perspectives on romantic love, mirror neurons, interpersonal limbic synchronicity, neuroplastic interventions for trauma pathway resolution, and transpersonal ego death experiences


Alex Grey – The Kiss


Love, universal to the human condition, is the most profound human experience, and it is the most powerful drug. It comes in many forms, and impacts the brain in ways research is only recently beginning to probe. Love is not merely for pleasure, however. It is fundamental to human survival.

This is demonstrated through neuroimaging studies, but it is also apparent in the fact that love continues to prevail in world that is marked by extreme suffering and cruelty, as the world has been over the course of the millennia of human evolution. This paper will explore a broad literature review on the theories and research on love as necessary to human survival, and will present new frontiers in biopsychological research that may reveal exciting potentials for the future of our species.

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