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Saving Ourselves With Science

16 Sep

How is it that everything (100%) of what we do, see, experience, adore, avoid, touch, seek, remember, dream about and think about is SCIENCE – and yet perhaps 1% of the human population understands not just this conceptually – but this in detail. How are we supposed to advance as a civilization if science is seen as elitist and inaccessible? With so many people in the world having access to resources on the internet that provide free education, such as Coursera, iTunes university, podcasts, and Youtube videos – absolutely no one has an excuse in this complacency. The problem lies even deeper still. Culturally, we don’t value lifelong learning and innovative thought. Historically, we have shunned the most radical and creative minds because the deviate from the norm. Aren’t those deviations what makes us beautiful? Why is being the same so valued? And why can’t learning, especially and MOST importantly – learning about science – be cool? Why are there more youtube views of “music” videos – by hundreds of millions – than there are of how the brain works, why the sky is blue, how many stars are in the sky, why we laugh, how two single human cells conspire to form a human being, how the human genome has been mapped, and whatever the heck we maybe kinda think dark matter is? I didn’t grow up on top 40 music, 24 hour cable reality TV, advertisements in my face constantly on cell phones, or the addiction to technological entertainment that we all have today. So how are kids today going to grow up to appreciate these things, if they don’t have those experiences of playing outside until the crickets chirp and the street lights cut on? What will happen to us if we aren’t all trying to improve this world together by learning about it?

The Girl Effect: How Girls Can Save the World

6 Mar

The Girl Effect: How Girls Can Save the World

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Learn more about what you can do to help women and girls in the world, and the issues facing them globally.

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One Billion Rising

19 Feb

Every 15 seconds in America, a woman is beaten. Every two minutes, she or another is raped. Rape is the ultimate act of sexism and patriarchy; the physical manifestation of the dehumanization and objectification of woman from personhood to the worth of her vagina, and taking away her rights, choice, and agency as an individual.

Sexism is alive, well, and killing women and girls, right here, right now. Not just halfway around the world, not just during wartime, not just in poor neighborhoods, not just in the Midwest, not just in urban areas, not just in college, not just in prisons, not just anywhere. Everywhere.

To think that sexism isn’t that bad anymore, it’s time to stop navel-gazing and hold up a mirror: 1 in 3 women in this country have been raped and/or beaten. Are you one of them? Do you know one? Maybe you do, you just don’t know it.

Personally, I am very fortunate to have never been in a situation where I ever needed to defend myself, but I am still in my early twenties. Though I feel sorry for the person who may attempt to attack me one day. They have no idea that La Capitana is really a superhero, and will absolutely kick their f**king ass.

You may have heard of it. The Huffington Post was all over it,  both in support of the campaign and also presenting some harsh criticism. But RISE we did, all around the world.

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