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This is What Happened When I Decided to Follow My Dreams

12 Apr

This is What Happened When I Decided to Follow My Dreams

It’s a common phenomenon. You’re sitting there, in your computer chair, balancing a bowl of cereal on your winter-flabbed-out stomach – when it hits you. You have to sell all your belongings, and backpack across the Himalaya to find your true calling.


Don’t rain on her parade.

When you get your bearings, you’ve hopefully only spilled your cereal, and not woken up in a Nepalese hospital wondering how you got there.

Well folks, life is a journey – and we should all enjoy the ride. But when inspiration strikes, we dare not ignore it lest we risk having a moment such as the one above, when our dreams and desires explode full force, and we get crazy ideas we can no longer ignore.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve launched a women-focused consulting firm startup. This is my calling, and I am excited to introduce Phoenix Consulting.

From the brand-spankin’ new website:

Phoenix Consulting, led by CEO Evin Phoenix, is a women-focused advisement and facilitation startup, built on the desire to increase women’s leadership. Phoenix Consulting lends itself toward community-based outreach to engage the public, corporations, and individuals on the importance of women leaders, and on the challenges to our success. Other consulting services include private professional counseling, corporate presentations, speaking engagements, and more. 

So if you’re looking for some good ideas on navigating your workplace, or need some custom advice, reach out. Free phone consultations up to one hour! Check it out and spread the word – because achieving our dreams is impossible as a rogue agent. Let’s work together to Fly Like a Phoenix.