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Omnipodding Basics

23 Sep

The second video in my new YouTube TV series: Life with Type 1.

I go over a few basics of changing a pod and how easy it is to dose insulin with the integrated freestyle glucometer.

Tips and tricks for pump shoppers, the newly pumping, and the experienced.

Are you on the Omnipod? Have you tried other pumps as well? Are you just curious? What do you think about the ‘pod?

Down for the Count

11 Sep

Holy really low blood sugar batman! Tonight I was the lowest I’ve ever been – 27! Oh, for heavens sake, I’m not bragging. If anything I’m about to be sick. Do you remember those “your brain on drugs” commercials! Well, my head is a pan of deep fried, congealed bacon fat right now.

This was my second low of the day, perhaps even my third. I’ve become a bit used to it all. The good news is that this is an indication that I’ve been trying harder to reel in my sugar, as it usually floats around in the highs.

The other good news is my dreamy boyfriend made me the best pb & j I have ever had, and in the middle of the night.

Don’t even bother, girls. He’s as mine as the hairs on my head.

Two hours later, and I’m starting to feel a bit better. I have been experiencing acute, rapid onset nausea when low these days too. Do any of you folks have that problem?

Well, time to check the sugar again. Adios for now, ‘manitos.